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October 1, 2018
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Java Sec 2-1 Project 5
August 16, 2018

Hand Of Cards

Java Sec 2-1 Project 2b


Extend the Deck-of-Cards project you have developed previously with the Card and Deck classes by adding a Hand class.
Note that in addition to implementing the Hand class, you will need to modify the Deck’s dealAHand method to return a Hand object instead of a String object.
The driver should be modified so that it has a Deck. It should prompt the user for the size of a Hand in the game being played and for the number of players.
It should then shuffle the Deck and deal and display the Hands for all players unless there are not enough Cards in the Deck (for example, we cannot deal 10 Hands of 7 Cards from a Deck of 52 Cards). The driver should display an error message if the user attempts to deal in an impossible situation such as this.

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