Credit Cards
Data Structure Project 1
June 5, 2018
Zork Title
Java Sec 2-2 Project 4
June 5, 2018

Credit Card List

Data Structure Project 2


This project is an extension of the Credit Card project. It uses the classes that were used and/or developed for the previous project, and adds a CreditCardList class. The CreditCardList class will encapsulate a private List and it will provide the functionality required by the rest of the project. This class (as is the case will all classes) should be self-contained; that is, if one needs to perform an action on a collection of CreditCards, one should be able to invoke a CreditCardList method to take the desired action. The intent of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of how to use List, implement IEquatable and IEnumerable along with operators including indexers in user-defined classes. Do not find ways to avoid this intent.

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